Can you ship spirits to my home or business?

Due to Wisconsin law, we are unable to sell and ship our spirits directly to you. Contact your local liquor store (if you’re in Wisconsin) and they can likely help you track a bottle down, or visit us at our shop in beautiful Egg Harbor.

Doesn’t Vodka have to be made from potatoes? Or is it grains?

Vodka is simply defined as a spirit that has been distilled to a high proof in order to create a neutral taste, smell, etc. Any sugar can be used as the base for fermentation/distillation, and we think honey gives ours a really unique character when compared to most other vodkas.

I thought all Bourbon came from Kentucky?

Nope. Bourbon must be made in the United States. Traditionally, Kentucky’s location and trade routes gave it easy access to the grains needed to produce bourbon (ie: corn, and to a lesser extent rye, wheat, and barley), as well as access to local limestone-filtered spring water for production and proofing. This led to them gaining a reputation for having the best spirits, however, the rest of the USA can, indeed, make Bourbon. With the advent of modern technology in water purification, the playing field has been somewhat leveled versus Kentucky producers.

Is Dos Hobos like Tequila?

Kinda. Tequila is a geographically protected term, and can only be produced in 5 states of Mexico (If you’re wondering, that would be the whole of Jalisco, as well as parts of Nayarit, Guanajuato, Michoacan, and Tamaulipas). Another stipulation is that Tequila must be made with 100% blue agave. We’re using the same tasty formula with our Dos Hobos, and lightly barrel aging ours (resposado = rested), so you definitely could say we’ve been inspired by our friends south of the border. ¡Salud!

What do I mix with Limoncello?

Limoncello + 5 lbs of pasta + conversation with good friends. We like it best served chilled, straight up – just like the Italians do – but when mixing in cocktails, be mindful that Limoncello already has some added sweetness. We’ve had success pairing it with tea (iced or hot), or a dry sparkling wine.

What’s the difference between Brandy and Whiskey?

According US regulations, Brandy must be fermented and distilled from 100% fruit juice, while Whiskey must be fermented and distilled from 100% grains. Both spirits usually then spend time barrel aging, however, it’s the raw ingredients that distinguish them. Brandy is predominantly made from grapes, but in theory, any fruit can be used for Brandy (and across the pond in Europe, often is). For our brandy, we’ve chosen locally pressed apple cider as our base fruit, and then age our distilled spirit in a Solera System using various types of barrels.

Does your Gin taste like Pine Needles?

Not nearly as much as you might think. The regulation in the USA is that Gin must be a neutral spirit “predominantly flavored with juniper berries”. Juniper berries are what give Gin its taste of “pine needles”, however the term “predominantly” is open to interpretation. We still want to embrace the Juniper Berry (which happens to grow well locally here in Door County), while bringing other citrus, spices, and floral botanicals to the party to balance out our flavor.

What exactly does Single Malt mean?

The “single” in Single Malt indicates that the product was produced by one single distillery, and hasn’t been blended with any outside sources. “Malt” indicates that the whiskey has been distilled with 100% malted barley. Single Malt whiskey is most commonly associated with Scotland and Scotch, but American farmers produce plenty of high quality barley, and whiskey is a perfect way to showcase it.

Where does the name Hatch come from?

Our owner, Chris Roedl, grew up working in his family’s egg production business. HIs formative years were spent working on a farm that raised day-old baby chicks until they were 18 weeks old and ready to lay eggs. The word “Hatch” was always in his vernacular and when the distillery was destined for Egg Harbor the fun play on words was the first name to surface.

Is your Vodka gluten free?

Technically all Vodkas are gluten free because the protein does not carry over in the distillation process. You can be absolutely sure our Vodka and Gin are gluten free because gluten was never an ingredient in any stage of the process.

Where do you keep your bees? What do you do with them in the winter?

We keep our bees on properties in Door County with landowners willing to share a sliver of their land to host our hives. Our bees stay in Door County for the winter.  Their metabolism and activity slows down and we put them to “rest”.  We work hard to select for genetic traits in our bees that are gentle and winter-hardy, the same traits we look for in our Hatch team members.

Do you get stung?