Our Story

Hatching a new business plan is never a simple thing.

Especially in a place as singular as Door County

On one hand

Door County is a rural locale with a distinct microclimate and longstanding traditions of agriculture. On the other hand, it’s a bustling tourist destination, hosting over 2 million visitors per year. To bridge these two seemingly disparate sides of Door County, a distillery seemed like the perfect opportunity.

From chickens to bees to…vodka?

Our founder, Chris, spent his formative years working in the commercial poultry industry raising laying hens. That childhood part-time job evolved into a commitment to agriculture, and later a career in a large scale poultry operation.  After moving on from that job, he still felt the need to stay involved with animal husbandry, and bees seemed like the natural option. One hive turned into many, and before long, the idea was borne to distill spirits out of raw Wisconsin honey.

apple brandy bottle
apple brandy bottle

Wisconsin Grown

The foundation of a good whiskey is using good grains, so building close working relationships with local farmers has always been crucial. Working closely with farmers in our community allows us to select heirloom varieties of corn and rye that grow just a couple miles down the road from our facility in Egg Harbor. Our three varieties of barley used in our Single Malt travel a bit further, but were no less painstakingly selected for their rich, caramelized, toasty flavors

Reshaping how we think about spirits

In the modern era, we’ve come to think of spirits simply as another commodity on the shelf, and have lost the connection that they traditionally held to the people, culture, and landscape around them. At Hatch, we feel that spirits are the perfect bridge between the incredible local agriculture of Door County, as well as the millions of people who find themselves here throughout the year — both locals and tourists. Join us.