Wisconsin Honey Bees

We work in close partnership with nature and about 10 Million Wisconsin honeybees to make the best Vodka, Gin, and Limoncello we possibly can.

Harbor Dog bottle
Harbor Dog bottle

Did you know?

The term “honey moon” originated with the Norse tradition of consuming large quantities of Mead (honey wine) during the first month of marriage.  We think drinking mead would be selling yourself short, how about Vodka and Gin made from 100% honey!

3H Farms

Bud and Bryan Haberli are the 4th and 5th generation working the Haberli farmstead right here in Egg Harbor Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin farming tradition is in their blood.  Bud and Bryan are two of the hardest working, industrious, and innovative farm operators we have ever come across. They operate a dairy, grow beef cattle, harvest lumber products, and grow all the heirloom grain for our whiskey program.  Our grain never leaves Egg Harbor.


Hyline Orchard

Paul Roberto is a 3rd generation orchard grower up the road in Egg Harbor Wisconsin.  Paul grows and fresh presses all of our cider apples.  We receive the juice fresh after it makes the 3 minute road trip from farm to distillery.  The apples for our Apple Brandy never leave Egg Harbor.