Mixed Meadia

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Mixed Meadia embraces local agriculture.

We believe that great beverage should have a sense of place.  For us that means growing our wine grapes, keeping bees, and working closely with our grower partners to harvest the best expression of what our landscape has to offer.

Mixed Meadia is about expressive recipes and perfecting the blend of art and science.

We grow what we make and make what we grow, producing mead, cider, and wine that is local, seasonal, and imaginative. Seriously Weird/Weirdly Serious.

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Traditional Sec Mead

Honey forward and semi-sweet, this carbonated mead is soft and mellow with notes of jasmine, lychee and banana. Made with 100% Wisconsin wildflower honey. 8% ABV.

Traditional Brut Mead

100% sparkling dry Wisconsin wildflower honey is Mead in its simplest form. Crisp, light bodied and earthy with notes of rose, pear, and limestone. 8% ABV.

traditional brut collage
cherry syser

Pop Art Cherry Cyser

Sparking and full of flavor. Made from Wisconsin wildflower honey, Door County apple cider, and Door Country Montmorency tart cherries. Tart and spicy, semi-dry. 8% ABV.

Door County Cherry Mead

Light, lively and refreshing, this easy drinking mead is made from Wisconsin wildflower honey and Door County Montmorency tart cherries. Notes of cherry, cinnamon and mineral water. 5.5% ABV.

cherry mead

Interesting in joining the squad?

 Wine clubs are boring, pretentious, dumb, and rarely add value. This is a wine squad!

Each wine squad member will receive three shipments per year each containing four or six bottles at a 25% discount along with 15% discount on all bottles bought in the tasting room or online.